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AIB Reinsurance Brokers Limited - a truly independent professional reinsurance broker

Vision: To be the independent reinsurance broker of choice in Zambia.

  • Founded in 2023
  • A leading Zambian reinsurance broker
  • Highly qualified reinsurance practitioners
  • Offices located in Lusaka
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Reinsurance is a financial transaction and risk management strategy used by insurance companies to transfer a portion of the risk they assume from policyholders to another insurance company or reinsurer. In other words, it's insurance for insurance companies. Reinsurance helps insurance companies protect themselves from large losses that may arise from catastrophic events, such as natural disasters or widespread claims.

When an insurance company sells a policy to an individual or business, it takes on the responsibility of paying out claims if the policyholder experiences a covered loss. However, if the insurance company faces an unexpectedly high number of claims or a particularly expensive claim, it could strain its financial resources.

To mitigate this risk, the insurance company can cede or transfer a portion of the risk to a reinsurer. In exchange for this transfer, the insurance company pays the reinsurer a premium, similar to how individuals pay premiums to insurance companies for coverage. The reinsurer, in turn, agrees to cover a specific portion of the insurance company's liabilities or losses, up to a certain limit.

Reinsurance plays a crucial role in stabilising the insurance industry, enabling insurance companies to underwrite policies with confidence and ensuring that they can meet their financial obligations to policyholders even in the face of significant losses.


AIB-RE offers a range of products and services tailored to meet the needs of primary insurance companies in Zambia. These products and services include:


Specialised Expertise: AIB-RE is a reinsurance broker with a team of seasoned professionals who possess specialised knowledge and expertise in the reinsurance industry. Our in-depth understanding of the Zambian market and global trends allows us to provide tailored solutions to meet your unique needs.

Tailored Reinsurance Programs: We offer customised reinsurance programs that are designed to align precisely with your business objectives and risk profile. Whether you need treaty or facultative reinsurance, AIB-RE can create solutions that optimise coverage and efficiency.

Financial Stability: AIB-RE's strong financial standing and commitment to sound risk management practices provide added security and peace of mind for our clients. As a reliable partner, we are well-equipped to handle your reinsurance needs with stability and prudence.

Client-Centric Approach: AIB-RE places clients at the core of our operations. We prioritise understanding your requirements and offer excellent customer service throughout the reinsurance process. With a focus on building lasting relationships, you can expect personalised attention and support.

Local Market Knowledge: Being based in Zambia, AIB-RE has extensive knowledge of the local insurance and reinsurance landscape. This local expertise allows us to navigate regulatory complexities and provide insights that enhance the effectiveness of your reinsurance strategies in the Zambian market.


Treaty Reinsurance Solutions

Treaty reinsurance offers strategic management of underwriting and capital goals at a portfolio level, facilitating a more effective blend of premium growth, return on capital, and rating agency considerations. As the premier treaty reinsurance broker, AIB-RE is uniquely equipped to deliver versatile treaty programs, meticulously structured and competitively priced to align perfectly with your distinct objectives and underwriting profile.

Facultative Reinsurance Solutions

Facultative reinsurance proves invaluable in handling exposures that surpass the per-risk capacity offered in treaties, or when it's necessary to enhance the efficiency of treaties concerning pricing, structure, and market dynamics. As a top facultative broker, AIB-RE offers alternative coverage choices to support your business growth while safeguarding your underwriting outcomes from undue volatility arising from individual policy coverage.

Data-Driven and Technological Solutions

Our client-centric reinsurance services are designed to cater to your needs, regardless of your location worldwide. We offer a comprehensive range of solutions, including:

  • Comprehensive research on local, regional, and international insurance and reinsurance trends
  • Diligent reinsurance recoveries, considering both legal and risk management aspects
  • Expert reinsurance configuration and structuring
  • Precise technical accounting services
  • Skillful negotiation and drafting of reinsurance treaties
  • Thorough financial analysis of reinsurers, retrocessionaires, credit ratings, and capital adequacy